These are some of the books I read a few times:

"Atom"     by Isaac Asimov ISBN 0-452-26834-6
"A brief history of time" by Stephen W. Hawking ISBN 0-593-01518-5
"The grand design" by Stephen Hawking ISBN 978-0-593-05829-9
"Greek Mythology" by Marilena Carabatea ISBN 960-500-102-0
"From here to infinity" by Ian Stewart ISBN 0-19-283202-6
"Birdsong"  by Sebastaian Faulks ISBN 978-0-099038791-6
"A month in the country"    by J.L. Carr ISBN 0-14-118230-X
"The silver piggs"  by Lindsey Davis ISBN 978-0-099-51505-0
"Shattered Stars by Hilary Norman I know a girl like Julitte
"Moving Mars"  by Greg Bear  ISBN I do not have it