These are some of the books I read a few times:

"A Guide to The Understanding and Pracice of Spiritual Healing" by Harry Edwards ISBN 978-099576-030-1
"Atom"     by Isaac Asimov ISBN 0-452-26834-6
"A brief history of time" by Stephen W. Hawking ISBN 0-593-01518-5
"The grand design" by Stephen Hawking ISBN 978-0-593-05829-9
"Greek Mythology" by Marilena Carabatea ISBN 960-500-102-0
"From here to infinity" by Ian Stewart ISBN 0-19-283202-6
"Birdsong"  by Sebastaian Faulks ISBN 978-0-099038791-6
"A month in the country"    by J.L. Carr ISBN 0-14-118230-X
"The silver piggs"  by Lindsey Davis ISBN 978-0-099-51505-0
"Shattered Stars by Hilary Norman I know a girl like Julitte
"Moving Mars"  by Greg Bear  ISBN I do not have it

These two books were sent to me as presents and because of that I read already one of them

The first title: "What Have You Done" by Matthew Farrell.

It is a crime story with lots of blood and psychos. I didn’t enjoy the genre, but the book is gripping and difficult to put down. Typical page turner.
I liked the conclusion to the book that blood is thicker than water and whatever happens the family is always the family and you love them however much they hurt you.

The second title is: The Ragged Edge of Night" byOlivia Hawke.