Recent papers accepted for publication:

2004: Anna Poynter: Mathematical Embodiment and Understanding. presented at BSRLM Conference,            Proceedings of British Society for Research into learning Mathematics Conference, University of Sussex, vol. 24, no. 3, pp.39-44. Also available from http://www.bsrlm.org.uk/IPs/ip24-3/BSRLM-IP-24-3-Full.pdf. This paper summarizes major results of my thesis which are reported in other papers in greater detail.

2005a: Anna Poynter and David Tall: Relating Theories to Practice in the Teaching of Mathematics. Proceedings of the Fourth Congress of the European Society for Research in Mathematics Education. Spain, wg. 11, pp. 1264-1273. Also available from http://ermeweb.free.fr/CERME4/CERME4_WG11.pdf. A practical and theoretical view of the way in which embodiment is translated into symbolism by representing the effect of actions as symbols that may then be manipulated as mental concepts.

2005b: Anna Poynter and David Tall: What do Mathematics and Physics Teachers thing that Students will find Difficult: A Challenge to Accepted Practices of Teaching, Proceedings of the Sixth British Congress of Mathematics Education held at the University of Warwick, pp. 128-135 Also available from http://www.bsrlm.org.uk/IPs/ip25-1/BSRLM-IP-25-1-Full.pdf. How the difficulties of vector concepts are perceived by Mathematics and Physics Teachers and how this challenges the National Curriculum Approach to the topic.

Earlier papers published in my name Anna Watson before my recent marriage:

2001: Schemas and processes for sketching the gradient of a graph. Unpublished paper.

2002a: Embodied Action, Effect and Symbol in Mathematical Growth: The Case of Vectors. Proceedings of the 26th Conference of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education, Norwich, 4, pp. 370-377.

2002b: The Relationship between Physical Embodiment and Mathematical Symbolism: The Concept of Vector. The Mediterranean Journal of Mathematics Education. 1 (2), pp. 73-97.