Some Highlights from our holiday to China in September 2011

(click on the image if you want to see a bigger version of it). Just a taste of our trip we have hundreds of fotographs.

Tiannanment Square Forbiden City
Tiananmen Square in Beijing and our wonderful guide Stone on the left Richard in Forbidden City in Beijing  
rock sculpture Forbiden City Rickshaw Ride
Natural Sculpture Back of the Forbidden City Rickshaw drive in the old town of Beijing
Show performers Summer Palace Great Wall of China
Perfomers of the Chinise Acrobatic Show Marble boat in the Summer Palace Great Wall of China
Terracotta Warriors Terracotta Warriors Terracotta Warriors museum
Terracotta Warriors Building Inside the building Terraccotta Warriors Museum
Richard a Warrior City Wall at Xian City Wall at Xian
Bit of fun Richard and a worrior at the to of the City Wall Top of the City Wall at Xian
View from the wall Anna on the Wall at Xian our boat
View from the top of the Wall at Xian Top of the Wall at Xian Our River Cruise Boat inside
Three Gorges Dam River Cruise 'pea pod' boats at Shennong
Three Gorges Dam stop Yangtze River Cruise 'Pea pod' boat trip at Shennong Stream
Panda Centre Frand Buddha at Lesham Grand Buddha
At Panda Research Centre Boat trip to Grand Buddha at Lesham Boat trip to Grand Buddha at Lesham
Boat trip Suzhou Gardens Old Town of Huanglongxi
Boat trip to Grand Buddha at Lesham   Old Town of Huanglongxi (I think)
Old Town of Huanglongxi Old Town of Huanglongxi  
Guilin Boat trip Old Shangai
Entrance to a restaurant View from Yangshuo River Croise Shanghai Old Town garden
Old Shanghai Old Shanghai New Shanghai by night
Shanghai Old Town garden Shanghai Old Town market place Shanghai by nigh,t view from the river
New Shanghai by Day hotpot dinner our group
Shanghai by day, view from the coach Hot-pot dinner we had to cook for ourselves. Our wonderful group